1. Why I Write (Will, journal entry, 10/31/11)

2. Fuck This Shit (Lucy, journal entry, 11/1/11)

3. This is Bat Country (Tanner, journal entry, 11/2/11)

4. Impressions on a November Afternoon (Tate, journal entry, 11/3/11)

5. We’ve Got Five Problems Here (Will, journal entry, 11/4/11)

6. I Miss Being a Server (Lucy, memoir post, 11/6/11)

7. The Mysterious Keep: Chapter 1 (Tanner, fiction, 11/7/11)

8. On (Not) Writing (Tate, journal entry, 11/8/11)

9. My Ten Biggest Cries (Will, memoir post, 11/9/11)

10. A Bread Cutter Gently to the Throat (Lucy, fiction, 11/11/11)

11. What We Look Like (Tanner, journal entry, 11/13/11)

12. On Being Named Tate (Tate, memoir post, 11/14/11)

13. A 30-Second Crush (Will, fiction, 11/16/11)

14. The Ten Most Annoying Things About My Housemate (Lucy, journal entry, 11/18/11)

15. We’re Not Terrible People (Tate, journal entry, 11/19/11)

16. The Pros and Cons of Cougars (Tanner, memoir post, 11/19/11)

17. On Doing Nothing (Tate, journal entry, 11/19/11)

18. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 1 (Tate, fiction, 11/21/11)

19. Unreality House by the Numbers (Will, journal entry, 11/23/11)

20. The Thanksgiving My Mom Lost Custody (Lucy, memoir post, 11/24/11)

21. The Mysterious Keep: Chapter 2 (Tanner, fiction, 11/25/11)

22. A Red Carpet Ride in St. Cloud, Minnesota (Tate, journal entry, 11/27/11)

23. Why I Don’t Believe in “Red Flags” (Will, memoir post, 11/28/11)

24. Raoul the Bird: Looking for Love on Craigslist (Lucy, fiction, 11/29/11)

25. I’m Just Going to Live-Blog This Conversation I’m Overhearing Between Tate and Will (Tanner, journal entry, 12/2/11)

26. I’m Not Going to Gossip for Your Entertainment (Tate, journal entry, 12/4/11)

27. Don’t Judge Me for Finding Inner Peace (Tate, memoir post, 12/5/11)

28. The Dangers of Judging Your Friends’ Relationships (Lucy, journal entry, 12/7/11)

29. Fallen: Chapter 1 (Will, fiction, 12/8/11)

30. On Being Cheated On (Tate, memoir post, 12/9/11)

31. In Defense of Cheaters (Lucy, journal entry, 12/13/11)

32. The Cat We Never Flushed Down the Toilet (Tanner, memoir post, 12/15/11)

33. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 2 (Tate, fiction, 12/16/11)

34. Just Because I’m in Love with You Doesn’t Mean Your Kitchen is the Best Goddamn Kitchen in the World (Tate, memoir post, 12/17/11)

35. New Year’s Week: Chapter 1 (Lucy, fiction, 12/19/11)

36. Ten Lies You Tell Yourself When You Get Dumped (Will, memoir post, 12/19/11)

37. I Don’t Want a Safe Relationship (Will, journal entry, 12/23/11)

38. The Pros and Cons of Skipping Family Christmas (Lucy, memoir post, 12/24/11)

39. The Mysterious Keep: Chapter 3 (Tanner, fiction, 12/27/11)

40. I Don’t Want Christmas Break to End (Tate, journal entry, 12/29/11)

41. The Best Easy Chair I Ever Fucked (Tanner, memoir post, 1/1/12)

42. I Don’t Need to Dress Like a Freak to Be a Freak (Will, memoir post, 1/2/12)

43. New Year’s Week: Chapter 2 (Lucy, fiction, 1/3/12)

44. Here’s What the Hell is Going On Around Here (Tanner, journal entry, 1/4/12)

45. Why I Cut People Out of My Life (Tate, memoir post, 1/5/12)

46. On Soulmates, or the Lack Thereof (Will, journal entry, 1/6/12)

47. Fallen: Chapter 2 (Will, fiction, 1/7/12)

48. What I Wanted for My Birthday, and What I Actually Got (Lucy, journal entry, 1/8/12)

49. The Ten Worst “Classic” Books I’ve Ever Read (Tanner, memoir post, 1/9/12)

50. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 3 (Tate, fiction, 1/10/12)

51. I Found Out Where Tate’s Been Going Every Day (Will, journal entry, 1/11/12)

52. You Can’t Count on Your Siblings for Jack Shit (Lucy, memoir post, 1/12/12)

53. The Mysterious Keep: Chapter 4 (Tanner, fiction, 1/13/12)

54. I’ve Left Unreality House (Tate, journal entry, 1/14/12)

55. And Then There Were Three (Lucy, journal entry, 1/15/12)

56. I’m Just Going to Live-Blog This Conversation I’m Hearing Between Lucy and Will (Tanner, journal entry, 1/25/12)

57. Fallen: Chapter 3 (Will, fiction, 1/30/12)

58. New Year’s Week: Chapter 3 (Lucy, fiction, 1/31/12)

59. Ten Tips for Enjoying Watersports (Yes, That Kind of Watersports) (Tanner, memoir post, 2/1/12)

60. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 4 (Tate, fiction, 2/2/12)

61. A Day in the Life of Unreality House (Tanner, journal entry, 2/3/12)

62. Fallen: Chapter 4 (Will, fiction, 2/4/12)

A Message from the Unreality House Administration (2/5/12)

63. A Message from the Residents of Unreality House (Lucy, journal entry, 2/6/12)

64. Saying Goodbye to Will (Lucy, journal entry, 2/7/12)

65. Observations About Will, and About Memory (Tate, journal entry, 2/8/12)

66. Places the Cops Haven’t Looked for Drugs Yet (Tanner, journal entry, 2/8/12)

67. What Would Will Do? (Tate, journal entry, 2/9/12)

68. Recipes Submitted by Readers of the New Ulm, Minnesota Newspaper in 1979 (Tanner, journal entry, 2/11/12)

69. In Defense of Daniel (Tate, journal entry, 2/13/12)

70. It’s Valentine’s Day, and My Boyfriend Just Died (Lucy, journal entry, 2/14/12)

71. Goodbyes always make my throat hurt. I need more hellos. (Tate, journal entry, 2/16/12)

72. How to Paint Nudes Without Them Knowing (Tanner, fiction, 2/17/12)

73. Fallen: Chapter 5 (Will, fiction, 2/18/12)

74. Fallen: Chapter 6 (Will, fiction, 2/19/12)

75. Why I Can’t Have Nice Guys (New Year’s Week: Chapter 4) (Lucy, fiction, 2/20/12)

76. My Life in the Dirt (Tanner, memoir post, 2/21/12)

77. Fallen: Chapter 7 (Will, fiction, 2/22/12)

78. Pros and Cons of Being an Investment Banker (Tanner, memoir post, 2/23/12)

79. Planning Your Visit to Unreality House (Lucy, journal entry, 2/27/12)

80. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 5 (Tate, fiction, 2/28/12)

81. Ten Things I Think My Boyfriend Might Have Been Telling Me By Slipping a Tube of Lube Into My Nightstand Drawer (Lucy, memoir post, 2/29/12)

82. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 6 (Tate, fiction, 3/1/12)

83. a poem about questions i have not asked myself (Lucy, poetry, 3/6/12)

84. Reasons I’ve Broken Up With Guys, Ranked From Most to Least Bullshit (Lucy, memoir post, 3/7/12)

85. I’m Not Going to Scratch Your Ass for Free, and I’m Not Going to Write for Free Either (Lucy, journal entry, 3/8/12)

86. Every Time I’ve Had the Wind Knocked Out of Me (Tanner, memoir post, 3/9/12)

87. Small Talk (Tanner, fiction, 3/17/12)

88. How These Tootsie Roll Wrappers Got In My Pants (Tanner, journal entry, 3/18/12)

89. Fallen: Chapter 8 (Will, fiction, 3/20/12)

90. No, You Don’t Want to Meet My Family (New Year’s Week: Chapter 5) (Lucy, fiction, 3/21/12)

91. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 7 (Tate, fiction, 3/25/12)

92. People Get Off On Watching People Make Out Who Don’t Want to Make Out (Tanner, journal entry, 3/26/12)

93. The Night Will Died: FAQ (Tanner, journal entry, 3/27/12)

94. I’m Not Sorry I’m Better-Looking Than You (Tanner, journal entry, 3/29/12)

95. Amusing Myself to Death (New Year’s Week: Chapter 6) (Lucy, fiction, 3/30/12)

96. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 8 (Tate, fiction, 3/31/12)

97. My Failed Attempt to Non-Ironically Enjoy a Summer Day (Tanner, journal entry, 4/1/12)

98. Why I Bullied (Tanner, memoir post, 4/2/12)

99. What Guys Hope I’m Going to Say After, “I Do Yoga Every Day…” (Tate, journal entry, 4/3/12)

100. Five Toys From My 80s Childhood That Did Not Need to Come Back, and Five That Should (Lucy, memoir post, 4/4/12)

100. I Started Writing About My Daycare Job and Ended Up Writing About Sex For Money (New Year’s Week: Chapter 7) (Lucy, fiction, 4/7/12)

101. On Keeping Your Balance (Lucy, journal entry, 4/9/12)

102. Oh, Look at You, Free-Spirit Guy! (Tanner, journal entry, 4/10/12)

103. This Food Court is My Safe Place (Tanner, fiction, 4/12/12)

104. Ten Things You Can Write About Besides Sex and Still Get Clicks (Tanner, journal entry, 4/13/12)

105. The Girl I Wanted in the Summer of 1997 (Tanner, memoir post, 4/14/12)

106. They Sold the Damn House! (Lucy, journal entry, 4/16/12)

107. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 9 (Tate, fiction, 4/18/12)

108. Pros and Cons of Being “Vulnerable” in Your Writing (Lucy, journal entry, 4/19/12)

109. On Horcrux Breakups (Tate, journal entry, 4/23/12)

110. Types of People Whose Experiences I Understand (Lucy, journal entry, 4/30/12)

111. I’m Not Presumptuous Enough to Call Myself an Addict (Tanner, journal entry, 5/1/12)

112. Pros and Cons of Hooking Up with Moms (Tanner, journal entry, 5/2/12)

113. Rain is So Cozy When You’re With Someone, and So Fucking Bleak When You’re Alone (Lucy, memoir post, 5/4/12)

114. I Had Sex Last Night, and I Don’t Remember It (Tate, journal entry, 5/5/12)

115. Our Legal System is Fucked (Lucy, journal entry, 5/6/12)

116. Missing Someone Is (Tate, journal entry, 5/11/12)

117. Fallen: Chapter 9 (Will, fiction, 5/18/12)

118. Packing Up (Lucy, journal entry, 5/19/12)

119. Things About Civilization I’m Not Looking Forward to Returning To (Lucy, journal entry, 5/21/12)

120. What I’ve Learned This Year About Writing (Tanner, journal entry, 5/22/12)

121. Selena Gomez Instagram Comment Flarf (Tanner, poetry, 5/23/12)

122. A Cynic’s Love Poem (Tanner, poetry, 5/24/12)

123. I Am These Things (Tanner, journal entry, 5/27/12)

124. What I’m Looking Forward to About Moving Home for the Summer (Lucy, journal entry, 5/29/12)

125. A Grandiloquent Pronouncement (Flynn, journal entry, 6/1/12)

126. Who’s Who at Unreality House (Tate, journal entry, 6/2/12)

127. On Satan (Flynn, journal entry, 6/3/12)

128. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 10 (Tate, fiction, 6/8/12)

129. I Never Listen to Music (Flynn, journal entry, 6/12/12)

130. I wish that you would yell at me and I would yell at you and we would both remember that we once had a relationship worth yelling about (guest post by Mira Gonzalez, poetry, 6/20/12)

131. Dr. Seuss on bath salts (guest post by Beach Sloth, poetry, 6/29/12)

132. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 11 (Tate, fiction, 7/12/12)

133. Why “Teenage Internet Addiction” is Bullshit (Flynn, journal entry, 7/14/12)

134. The Television (guest post by Lily Dawn, journal entry, 7/21/12)

135. Fallen: Chapter 10 (Will, fiction, 7/22/12)

136. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 12 (Tate, fiction, 7/23/12)

137. Should I Fuck My Client? (New Year’s Week: Chapter 8) (Lucy, fiction, 7/26/12)

138. Skeezy Literary Bro (guest post by Lily Dawn, fiction, 7/26/12)

139. Facial Expressions I Saw While Watching the Olympics (guest post by Mallory Whitten, journal entry, 8/5/12)

140. On “Humping” (Flynn, journal entry, 8/21/12)

141. Shower Sex (Tate, journal entry, 8/24/12)

142. Chris (A Story About Xanax and Sex) (guest post by Mira Gonzalez, fiction, 8/30/12)

143. Just Because I Fucked You Doesn’t Mean I’ll Accept Your Friend Request (guest post by Hannah Sloane, fiction, 8/31/12)

144. A Strange Courtship (Flynn, fiction, 9/7/12)

145. Speed Trials (guest post by Michael O’Brien, 12/21/12)

146. Theme From Rocky (guest post by Dave Shaw, 1/8/13)

147. Fallen: Chapter 11 (Will, fiction, 1/20/13)

148. How to Sleep in a Stranger’s Bed (guest post by Gabby Gabby, 1/22/13)

149. Ten Things I’ve Been Fucking Up for the Past Eight Months (Lucy, journal entry, 1/29/13)

150. Things You Do While On House Arrest in Florida (Tanner, journal entry, 1/30/13)

151. I’m Trapped In This House (Tate, journal entry, 2/2/13)

152. I Am the Greatest Writer in the World (Flynn, journal entry, 2/4/13)

153. On Bad Decisions (Lucy, journal entry, 2/5/13)

154. Sad Squirrels and Ants (guest post by Darcy Stricker, 2/7/13)

155. Fallen: Chapter 12 (Will, fiction, 2/11/13)

156. yesterday i found out she’s getting married (i hope someone puts tripwire across the aisle) (guest post by Calvero, 2/21/13)

157. Social Incisions (guest post by Heath Ison, 2/22/13)

158. The Apartment (guest post by Jordan Castro, 2/25/13)

159. The Annual Student Show at Fashion U. (guest post by Molly O’Brien, 3/15/13)

160. Fallen: Chapter 13 (Will, fiction, 3/17/13)

161. A Field Guide to the Assholes Who Are Staying at Our Place (Tanner, journal entry, 3/18/13)

162. An Unedited Diary of My Day in Tarrytown (Flynn, journal entry, 3/19/13)

163. Chokecherry Circle: Chapter 13 (Tate, fiction, 3/21/13)

164. Why I’m a Writer and You’re Not (Lucy, journal entry, 3/24/13)

165. Dear Mr. Puget, Thank You For Being My Mentor, Now Leave Me Alone Forever (Flynn, memoir post, 3/29/13)

166. That Threesome Was Even More Awkward Than I Expected It Would Be (Tanner, journal entry, 4/6/13)

167. Fallen: Chapter 14 (Will, fiction, 5/12/13)

168. I’m an Online Community Manager for a Company That Hates the Internet (Maggie, journal entry, 5/21/13)

169. Cynthia (guest post by Moon Temple, 5/21/13)

170. Living at Home with My Mom is Sad and Awesome (Maggie, journal entry, 5/22/13)

171. Things I Considered Posting on My Work’s Facebook While Hung Over (Maggie, journal entry, 5/23/13)

172. Pros and Cons of Having a Supersexy Friend (Maggie, journal entry, 5/26/13)

173. Hookup Insomnia (Maggie, journal entry, 5/27/13)

174. Three Poems (guest post by Sandra Song, 5/27/13)

175. Ten Questions I Have About This Internet Girl (Maggie, journal entry, 5/28/13)

176. Why Do Creative Writers Always Write About Creative Writers? (Maggie, journal entry, 5/29/30)

177. A Food Court Conversation About Summer Flings (Maggie, journal entry, 5/30/13)

178. The Summer’s Barely Begun, and I’m Already Pissed at It (Maggie, journal entry, 5/30/13)

179. Growing Mildly Obsessed with Internet Girl (Maggie, journal entry, 6/1/13)

180. The Rules of Morning Wood (As Far As I Can Tell) (Maggie, journal entry, 6/3/13)

181. Ten Guys I Met at the Unofficial Venue Last Night (Maggie, journal entry, 6/4/13)

182. Fire Walk With Me Or Whatever (Maggie, journal entry, 6/5/13)

183. Internet Girl Favorited My Tweet (Maggie, journal entry, 6/6/13)

184. On Sincerity (Maggie, journal entry, 6/7/13)

185. Internet Girl Got Sick and I Used It To My Advantage (Maggie, journal entry, 6/9/13)

186. The Question You Don’t Want to Ask (Maggie, journal entry, 6/10/13)

187. A Beach Conversation About Buffy (Maggie, journal entry, 6/11/13)

188. Things My Mom Might Represent While Dancing to Icona Pop on Prescription Painkillers (Maggie, journal entry, 6/12/13)

189. Internet Girl Chatted Me (Maggie, journal entry, 6/13/13)

190. I Dated an All-American Quarterback (Maggie, memoir post, 6/14/13)

191. Characters I’ve Been In the Movies About My Life (Maggie, memoir post, 6/15/13)

192. It Always Seems Like a Good Idea to Get Drunk and Talk About Things That Make You Nervous (Maggie, journal entry, 6/16/13)

193. Internet Girl Doesn’t Want to Be Judged (Maggie, journal entry, 6/18/13)

194. An Undelivered Letter to the Guy I’m Not “Dating” (Maggie, journal entry, 6/19/13)

195. James Gandolfini Died, and Ten Other Things I Learned at My Dinner with Veronica (Maggie, journal entry, 6/20/13)

196. They Look So Innocent When They’re Sleeping (Maggie, journal entry, 6/21/13)

197. Internet Girl Chatted Me While I Was Away (Maggie, journal entry, 6/28/13)

198. I Almost Hooked Up With My Waterskiing Instructor, Because I’m a Total Stereotype (Maggie, journal entry, 6/29/13)

199. The Trapeze Swinger (guest post by Victoria Linhares, 7/1/13)

200. I’m Using My Internet Voice (Maggie, journal entry, 7/9/13)

201. The Frying Pan Pillow (guest post by Victoria Linhares, 7/28/13)

202. All the People I’ve Never Slept With (guest post by Violet Claire, 8/27/13)

203. Wintertime (guest post by Natasha Feldstein, 9/10/13)

204. Bloodletting Season (guest post by Vanessa Willoughby, 10/13/13)

205. Joe (guest post by Jesse Myner, 1/14/14)

206. The Vulture King (guest post by Kieron Walquist, 6/1/14)

207. That Summer Day (guest post by Giselle Defares, 10/3/14)

208. plastic star ceiling (guest post by Kayla Day, 10/7/14)